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We have listened to you, and produced a bat that has exceeded our design brief. Call this luck or diligence is irrelevant as the thousands of hours developing the bat have brought some amazing qualities. The handle is designed to give extra power and transfer forces to the heal of the hand, protecting the thumb from being damaged.
Main features;

  • We have retained the front face radii to give the same gearing type contact with the puck.
  • The contact faces are now bored through to stop aquaplaning of the puck, this also reduces the drag whilst flicking to a noticeable degree.
  • The width of the blade has been increased to allow catching.
  • The length of the bat has been reduced by popular demand.
  • We have been drilling Britbat mk1ís to test this for some years to test the strength with only one breakage, and that was t-boned against the goal, so moulded bats will be stronger still.
  • Feedback from a wooden bat user, "This is the first plastic bat I have picked up that flickes well first time, can I order some" to those in the know that is a big breakthrough.

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